MDME Training

As a 12-year member of the U.S. ski team and a US ski team Hall of Famer, Eva Twardokens trained rigorously to earn 6 National Championship titles and represent her country in the 1992 and 1994 Olympic games.

Her competitive spirit led her to be part of the original formation of Crossfit and to win a Masters National Title in Olympic Weightlifting. While on the outside she appeared to be in peak physical condition, the years of over exercising had thrust her into a downward spiral. Eva set out to find the answers to reverse the damage done to her body through functional medicine.

This course is the culmination of Eva’s extensive studying and lessons learned on the path to healing. She shares her effective tools and techniques that helped to protect her from future damage while reversing the harm done in the past. By gaining a clear understanding of the role of stress in performance and recovery and by applying her trademarked Minimum Dose, Maximum Effect (MDME™) training, Eva will help you embrace a healthy lifestyle while securing you against potential physical damage.

Course Objective

This course will help you to quantify your stress level to systematically adjust your workouts. You will learn to select the proper workouts for long term health and have access to sample workout templates to help you get started. By the end of this video series, you will be to understand and apply Minimum Dose Maximum Effect (MDME™) theory to minimize/eliminate risk of injury and enjoy a life of longevity and wellness.

Course Curriculum


7 minutes 58 seconds

Who Are You?

9 minutes 38 seconds


8 minutes 21 seconds


12 minutes 12 seconds


13 minutes 16 seconds

Putting It All Together

17 minutes 16 seconds

Movement Appendix A

8 minutes 32 seconds

Movement Appendix B

11 minutes 39 seconds


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