Intro To Team Sports Conditioning

Team sports conditioning programs have traditionally been filled with misinformation, old school methodology and a lack of fundamentals. The Intro to Team Sports Conditioning course by Joel Jamieson will help viewers cut through the confusion and get to the heart of how to create and manage the most effective team conditioning programs possible. After more than 15 years working with athletes from a wide variety of sports and becoming known as one of the foremost experts on the subject of conditioning, Joel Jamieson will share his tried and true principles, methods and techniques and how you how to put it all together.

The course includes 12 course videos covering subjects such as testing and assessment, preseason and in-season conditioning, program monitoring and management and much more. You’ll also get instant access to a powerful excel spreadsheet custom made to help team evaluations easier than ever. If you’re an athlete, coach, personal trainer or just want to understand the fundamentals of team sports conditioning, this is a must-have course!

Course Objective

Through this course, you will be introduced to the basic principles of how to develop effective team sports programs from a yearly perspective. You will understand why conditioning is not just something that’s developed in a preseason camp, it’s the result of physical abilities that need to be developed throughout the training year. By the end of this course, you will understand what team sports conditioning really is, how it’s measured and evaluated, the best training methods to use for a range of sports, and the where to program these methods throughout the year to achieve the highest levels of conditioning when the team needs it most.

Course Curriculum

Joel 1

Basic Principles Overview

10 minutes 51 seconds
Joel 2

What Is Conditioning?

14 minutes 50 seconds
Joel 3

The Performance Model

14 minutes 37 seconds
Joel 4

High/Low Conditioning

11 minutes 51 seconds
Joel 5

High Intensity Methods

14 minutes 15 seconds
Joel 6

Low Intensity Methods

15 minutes 13 seconds
Joel 7

Annual Planning

9 minutes 45 seconds
Joel 8

Off-Season Conditioning

7 minutes 56 seconds
Joel 9

Pre-Season Conditioning

7 minutes 57 seconds
Joel 10

In-Season Conditioning

6 minutes 10 seconds
Joel 11


14 minutes 46 seconds
Joel 12

Program Management

19 minutes 59 seconds


Intro to Team Sports Conditioning Slides.pdf


Sample Team Sports Programs.pdf


Excel Performance Model Sample.xlsx